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Namecheap - A Review of the Popular Domain Registrar and Web Host

You've most likely heard of Namecheap, a company that offers domain registration and web hosting services. There are thousands of similar companies these days. How does Namecheap measure against its competitors? Namecheap isn't the biggest or most famous company that offers such services, but they are quite well known all the same. Their overall reputation is quite solid, but, like anyone else, they have their critics as well. To help you find out if Namecheap is a company worth doing business with, we'll share with you some vital information about the company.

It wasn't too long ago that Namecheap added web hosting services to supplement its main business, which is domain registration services. Not only do they provide basic and reseller hosting, but they also have business hosting. They offer two different business hosting plans, Basic and Elite, which include features such as unlimited hosting and parked domains, 50 users per server and shopping carts. These plans also include unlimited databases and email accounts. Business hosting with Namecheap is not as expensive as the others. For under $25 a month, you can have your business or e-commerce site up and running. In terms of its domain services, Namecheap has been recognized a number of times. For instance, it was voted best domain registrar the Lifehacker blog. Take note, however, that it's exclusively for Namecheap as a domain registrar and not as we web hosting provider. Namecheap has been in existence for around 12 years and today, it is regarded as one of the top domain registration companies. The company's prices and customer support are just a couple of reasons Namecheap is one of the best. Despite its good reputation, however, you may want to look for customer reviews on this company, which are quite plentiful around the web.

One thing Namecheap does that other companies don't when you register a domain name is provide free WhoisGuard privacy protection. If your domain is protected by WhoisGuard, anyone who performs a whois lookup on your domain will not see your personal information. WhoisGuard can help keep marketers from spamming you. Namecheap isn't the only domain registrar offering WhoisGuard; you can get it from other registrars but you'll have to pay a separate fee for it. With Namecheap, you get privacy protection at no extra charge.

Namecheap continues to grow as a company, evidence of that is that it continually expands its services. Namecheap is still largely known for its domain registration services, but it is trying to also make a name for itself in the web hosting business. For your domain or web hosting needs, Namecheap is one you ought to consider. The great thing about this company is that its customer service is compared to none.