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In reality a good number of the cited site programmers allege that Eric Green is applying this approach to push-out competitors and get more traffic to his or her own site. It has been mentioned severally on numerous sites that he's their own porn site and that a lot of his targets are among the hottest free porn sites on the net. The others claim he will be used as something by competing sites. Many of these claims are now due to be shown in court as Eric Green fights right back against detractors.

It'd seem that besides suing against defamation, he's also alleging risks having been produced against him by these people. It's said that some individuals did deliver him threatening messages that intimated physical harm. Whether he does flourish in suing these competitors, it does function being an significant lesson for site developers and entrepreneurs to make sure that whatever they post isn't illegal, as not only may possibly it lead to you facing legal action, but additionally losing your income supply. Further Information [http://www.removeyourmedia.com/ Continue].

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