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guide to the saatchi gallery saatchi art - A history with the Saatchi Gallery, an impressive new cloth-and-leather-bound volume reminiscent of a genuine edition of Macaulay'sHistory of England, I used to be overcome with melancholy. Charles Saatchi's achievement derives from an imperial character - single-minded, visionary, decisive, bold but also capricious, hot-tempered, hubristic, having a short attention span along with a certain vulnerability, that emerges in turns as shyness and defensiveness. Once, he was invincible, the good news is that times have changed the empire appears too large and undefined. Even though the court poets still compose panegyrics at night walls of his palace, his power is fading. But it's not too late. Read more - Charles can conserve his empire, but he can have to change his ways. Just what exactly next? It could be that Saatchi's History may soon need one last chapter. His exhibitions didn't work to produce a big impact, even though the gallery, insiders say, can be quite harmful for run. That is probably why a year ago he surprised everyone, including his or her own staff, by announcing he was going to give his museum to the nation. A lot of artwork would be donated for free, but discussions with the Arts Council and Secretary of state for Culture suggested the taxpayer will finish up footing into your market for running the gallery. So, annually on, there is no Tate Saatchi as of yet. Jeremy Hunt remains saying no thank you, albeit within the politest terms: "Ministers expressed their gratitude when Mr Saatchi made his very generous offer. We recognize that Mr Saatchi is currently considering how he wants to progress, so we are very pleased to facilitate any discussions," a spokesman told Bloomberg last week. Cultural fads come and go, and Charles could be ahead of the curve the very first time in a decade, with his diminishing fascination with the expensive sport of writing art history using a cheque book. Read more - However i hope that isn't the case. Charles has rewritten cultural history three times already. None of Britain's other collectors have done that - or have an ounce of his musketeer-like panache. He just has to employ a few curators and reinvent his acquisitions strategy. Then perhaps he could affect the art world again. The History from the Saatchi Gallery is published by Booth-Clibborn Editions,