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Baseball is saturated in professional rivalries - Liverpool Vs Everton, Manchester United Vs Man. City, Arsenal Versus Tottenham, but not one of them are likely as volatile as activities between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The fit even has its name - E-l Clasico, whenever the two teams meet - and is billed as one of the most thrilling fits to watch in the world.

Like many professional rivalries in sport, the Barcelona/Real Madrid animosity stems from a broad competition involving the two cities. They'd their causes - Franco was determined to unify the country and consequently quash Barcelona's traditions and freedom, including wanting to get rid of its regional language - Castilian Spanish.

Through the Civil War, Barcelona was actually told to deliberately lose a game against Madrid on Franco's instructions. They got this to the serious and dropped 11-1. Officers were so incensed, that the Barcelona crew was suspended and fined. That began the beginning of the rivalry and noticed Real Madrid use the lead, wining five European Cup games.

Real Madrid became one of the most respected and well known group on earth until 1961 when Barcelona fought back with a vengeance, knocking Madrid out of the European Cup tournament. That got the competition to a complete new level.

Today, when people transfer between your clubs, the magazines make a conference of it.

Barcelona also deny certain commercial factors that other competitors utilise, including sponsorship and other 'money-grabbing' techniques.

Both teams are members of the class - a collective of the 14 most effective basketball teams on the world, and it is always an offer out occasion with millions of others tuning in to view the battle, when the two teams meet for-a match. For further infos take a look at visit the website.

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