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Understanding How Gay Men Came To Be Gay is a word that is used to refer to a homosexual individual. Originally, the term "gay" used to refer feelings happiness and being carefree. It was only in the early 1637 that the term has acquired some form of negative connotations like that of being immoral. The term 'gay' has been used as a reference to being homosexual started during the 19th century. The usage has significantly increased during the 20th century.

The Term "Gay" Used As a Noun In the modern era, this term has been used as an adjective to refer to being happy. However, a lot of people began using this as a noun that is used to refer to the people, men mostly, who have practices and cultures that are associated with being a homosexual. It was on by the end of the 20th century that the word has been recommended to use in references for those people who are attracted to the people of the same sex.

Sexual Orientation, Homosexuality, and Being Gay Sexual orientation is a word that is used to describe the pattern of sexual behavior, attraction as well as identity. The examples of such would be homosexual which can either be gay or lesbian, bisexual as well as being heterosexual. There are no exact theories or reasons why people develop the heterosexual, gay, bisexual and lesbian orientation. There have been a lot of studies and researches that have been conducted over the years. Such studies propose the possible hormonal, genetic, social, developmental as well as cultural influences when it comes to the development of the sexual orientation of people. No studies, however, have determined any specific factor or perhaps factors that can be associated with a person's sexual orientation. Many people, however, believe that nature as well as nurture would both influence the development of sexual orientation and these two factors would play a rather very complex role in the process.

Understanding Gay People It cannot be denied that we tend to look at a person's preference and see something odd or not quite right from the norms that we know today we immediately condemn or perhaps talk bad about those people. This has been a practice in society today. However, this should not continue. Gay people are just normal people that prefer to have relationships with the same sex. They should not be condemned as they are not bad people. In fact, these people do have kind hearts. Since gay typically describe men who have feminine ways and who prefers to have male relationships, you can say that most of these people would have feminine qualities.

Important Truths When You Consider Gay People There are several points that you have to consider when you talk about being gay. Some people tend to talk about them but they actually do not see the good things about these people. Here are some points that can be considered with homosexuality:

 Bible Teachings and Homosexuality 

There is actually nothing about homosexuality or people who are homosexual that have been mentioned in the bible. It has been considered a misleading concept when people say that the authors of the bible are talking about homosexuality or gay people because of the fact that the concept of being a gay person was actually not yet present during those times and this is barely a century old concept.

 Sexual Orientation is never A Choice 

Sexual orientation like being straight or gay is innate and this is never considered a choice. This is intrinsic to a person's nature. It has been found out in studies that there is a distinct difference between heterosexual people and homosexual people. They have discovered that there is a physical difference in the hypothalamus of heterosexual males and homosexual males. A hypothalamus of a heterosexual male is two times larger when you compare it to hypothalamus of a heterosexual female. The hypothalamus of a homosexual male is the same size as that of a heterosexual female. Thus, leading the scientist to conclude that the developmental size of the hypothalamus is one reason to support the theory that homosexuality is not a choice but rather innate.

 Homosexual Individuals Are Highly Gifted People 

It has been found out that gay men have abundant supply of feminine characteristics with a touch of male characteristics. This combination is actually good as this can often result in exceptional potentials that we can see in gay men. One great thing that can be noted would be that gay men have a great capacity when it comes to creating friendship. They also tend to have a good taste when it comes to aesthetic concepts. These people would also make great teachers because they would have feminine insight as well as tact. These people are also considered to be conservative and they cherish the values of the past.

Gay Community versus LGBT Community 1069 community is sometimes utilized as the same thing when referring to the term LGBT. In line with this, gay community is sometime thought to be the same with that of the LGBT community. However, there are times wherein we are only referring to gay men. It was only in the 1980s that lesbian was added to the term gay community for this to cater to both male as well as female homosexuals. In fact, it was then noted that there is a need to make use of the term gay/lesbian when referring to this community. It was in the year 1990s that there was a talk on the inclusion of the term bisexuals and transgender people in the community. This lead to intra-community debate as these sexual minorities has been part of this community. In the modern world, people simply prefer to quote the term LGBT community to address the community for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals. Today, it has been noted that the gay community is one of the population included in the LGBT community.