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Sandwiches - How to Make Your Sandwich More Fun to consume

It does not take much to obtain stuck inside a food rut, but even sandwiches can be created more enjoyable to eat with just some some time and creative effort in the kitchen. They are some ways to take your normal sandwiches and spice them as much as get out of those meals rut!

Put things you may not think about as sandwich food inside. Instead of just peanut butter and jelly, create a breakfast sandwich with eggs, or apples and peanut butter, avocado, cucumber, sprouts, grated carrots or zucchini, sliced up hotdogs, olives, turkey and gravy, fruits (strawberry, blueberries, apples, bananas) with peanut butter and honey or agave.

Use things other than bread as your end caps. For example, core an apple, slice it hamburger style, and then put peanut butter in between two slices. Walla! You've got a peanut butter sandwich. You may also use crackers, large cookies, pancakes or waffles. For fillings, you can put breakfast foods like eggs, ham, grated carrots, or go dessert style and set in chocolate, peanut butter, honey, agave, fruit like applies, bananas, or strawberries. The options are endless!


Get some fun cookie cutters and reduce your sandwiches into fun shapes--this isn't just more fun for children, consuming food that looks pretty really does make it look a lot more enticing.

Obtain a panini maker and make great toasted sandwiches! All this takes is spreading just a little butter or oil on each outside of the sandwich, putting it in the press, and walla! You have a delicious toasted sandwich that contributes an enjoyable experience and excitement to some meal that will have normally just been okay.

Many of these simple things you can do will truly help enhance your food routine and get you looking forward to eating delicious and nutritious foods that are simple to make and produce with you.