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2012 Job Market - In which the Jobs Are, Where They Aren't and Other Employment Speculations

Measuring analytics, keywords and key phrases and locations of people to the organization website of KAS Placement, I have seen some trends as to in which the worst locations for employment are, why this really is (or speculation regarding) and what cities and positions have near vanished due to the continuing poor economic conditions in our country and across the globe.

The Worst City for locating a great Job:

Philadelphia - Bar none, this is actually the worst metro area for sales and marketing jobs. This statement considers the number of people looking for work in sales, marketing and media relative to those of open, decently paying jobs in those disciplines. Out of every city in the usa, Philadelphia may be the 2nd favorite city to our website, however doesn't rank within the top 10 in quantity of open jobs. I would go as far to express that taking into account the ratio between open jobs in marketing and advertising an open job seekers, Philadelphia is just as bad, otherwise worse than Miami, Phoenix, Vegas or other cities that fell most victim towards the housing crisis.

Unsurprisingly, Philadelphia and Miami have crime rates that make Nyc and La seem suburban.

The Hottest Industry Hiring Sales and Marketing Personnel:

Facebook Advertising and All Related - Many times when an industry is hot, the popularity has a pending bubble burst, but industries associated with Facebook Advertising plus some social media have not hit that point yet. They continue to escalate and make jobs although other industries lack active hiring for sales and marketing personnel. Although this industry could be the hottest, it's also the most only at get into if you are coming from outside the industry like a sales, marketing or media professional.

Job in Philadelphia

The Vanished Jobs in Marketing and advertising:

Pure Sales Management - When starting this agency nearly Many years ago, there was a dramatically higher interest in sales management professionals whose job description was to simply manage the present sales reps. The finish goal in this positions was growing business for that company by increasing the performance of the subordinates, instead of new business acquisition themselves in addition to any people management responsibilities. However, because of budgetary cutbacks minimizing incomes and revenues than nearly a decade ago, hiring companies are attempting to get the most from their sales management professionals with the addition of new sales requirements, whatever the number of sales professionals that the managers are responsible for. Previously couple of years, pure sales management roles happen to be hard to come by and those available pay less on commission compared to what they used to.

Gen. Marketing Jobs - The demand for intangible marketing professionals such as "branding experts" has greatly diminished. Many job seekers within the field decided to visit independent, as these types of marketing jobs seem to be first out and last in. The marketing job seekers that hiring companies want nowadays understand how to formulate, program and design blogs, social media outlets, seo, ppc and even some web programming. Marketing has gone from creative to more analytical and continues this progression apace, as the economy remains in a continuously poor, dark state.

A Bright Spot within the Foreseeable Hiring Future:

As of recent years months, our staffing agency has seen lots of smaller, start-up companies looking for marketing and advertising professionals round the U.S. - even in smaller cities such as Denver, Seattle and Oklahoma City. A number of this growth is due to investment capital while other drivers include companies happening the offensive to grow share of the market inside the respective industry.