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Hans Neukomm is a born farmer son and creator of the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love to testify to all world God is Love and to publish the original Jesus love teachings including the sacred teachings of kriya yoga are available for free download in the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition". A collection of 5000+ beautiful Philippines beautiful nature pictures are available for free download to show you the beauty of God made nature as symbol of beauty of God made nature. The holy science of Kriya Yoga helps you to apply true love in all situations of life to make your life happier and reconnects you with God. Kriya Yoga is the science of divine love toward God union. All teachings of the holy science can be found in the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" as a final gift of love from God to all world. At the conclusion of all creation time from April 1997 until May 17th, 2012 all online content now is converted into an easy to share and convenient to use offline version of all previous spiritual online content from the original Cyberspace Ashram. Some 39988 files are available as Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition to learn how to do Kriya Yoga. The complete "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" contains all Kriya Yoga techniques and complete holy initiation by God's blessings, as well as thousands of pages on meditation, prayers and solutions of love for all situations of life./p>

From God I came to testify to all world:

God is Love

Love all

forgive all

reconcile with ALL

Feel free to visit my web page - Faults Create Expenses Perfection Produces Satisfaction

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