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A couple weeks before, I was discussing a film project with some companies out of Hollywood.
They delicately tossed out the composition, "P&A", that I observed as "PNA" over my mobile phone. In my own profession PNA means pneumonia and while I consider myself fairly acronym-savvy, I was almost certain PNA in this debate had nothing regarding pneumonia. I had no clue what they were discussing.
(FYI - P&A in the movie business presents "prints and ads").

Out of curiosity, I wanted to get out how many explanations the familiar BLS acronym owned. Therefore, I did a little study and discovered forty-one different meanings for the phrase BLS. Whoa! As I scrolled through the extensive listing of BLS brands, I was taken aback to locate a range of meaning gazing straight back at me from the site.

Sets from "Bureau of Labor Statistics" to "Bacterial Leaf Streak" was manifested. The majority of these listed made perfect sense and I wondered how one secures BLS as his or her own personal acronym. Is there an activity to seize your hands on these three words and assign meaning behind them - meaning that belongs to only you?

I envisioned an extended line of BLS acronym-snaggers standing facing a caged bubblegum- snapping blonde who would absent-mindedly stamp anything on a certificate and call out, "Next?" as she glanced up from her work only sporadically. Patiently waiting and always proper stood the British Lichen Society just ahead of Botswana Lesotho-Swaziland.
Scraping an eager toe almost "next" stands an agent from the Blackboard Learning System while somebody from the Bachelor of Leisure Studies and Business Livery Service delicately change cards near the back of the place. Suddenly, Black Label Society (group) breaks out into their latest strike and another songbird from Boston's Latin School joins in. Chuck in Block Line Set and Below Land Surface and you have a diverse gathering of meaning in the mix.

Obviously this really is all fabricated in my own head but you have to wonder how all of these organizations stumbled on share exactly the same phrase. I smile as I understand our BLS may be the only 1 that everyone uses to save lives, as I look at the forty-one representations. Maybe BLS (Basic Life Support) could possibly be crowned the common, international life-saving acronym. It is sure that every other BLS acronym-user may know the importance of Basic Life Support, potentially how to accomplish its life-saving techniques if needed. There is a weighty shift in importance for BLS as it represents the method for preserving a life.

I think that puts BLS in front of the line, don't you?

Zack Zarrilli is really a Firefighter and the owner of SureFire CPR. His business is composed of Firefighters, Paramedics, Lifeguards, and EMTs who educate hundreds of CPR, BLS, ACLS, PALS NRP, AED, and Medical courses annually. SureFire CPR's teachers show from their own real-world knowledge and focus on on-site CPR and First Aid learning all Southern California, more at similar internet site.

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