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Long Term Care and the Sandwich Generation

Long term care is the 800 pound gorilla in the living room. I hear about it within the line in the grocery store, within the elevator, in the mall, at church and on videos. Everyone my age is facing it, also it isn't ours we are facing, today.

I am from the age bracket known as the boomer or sandwich generation. Sandwich meaning we've responsibilities for multiple members of the family. However, we're not the first one to be faced with this phenomenon, but being boomers, we're possibly the first to add a reputation for this huge predicament.

Boomers have altered the paradigms that we address dilemmas in many arenas and I think we will rewrite our understanding about this one.

Here are a few from the problems.

Our wonderful healthcare system, good food and many modern conveniences have contributed to an existence expectancy that is longer than ever. Therefore during the last in our healthy and productive years, when we should be saving that last bit of money we'll need later on, or paying down our mortgages, or recuperating from losses within the stock market, traveling or enjoying our grandchildren, a lot of us have parents who are still living, and though less strong because they once were, continue to be healthy. At the same time we've adult children who're building their own futures and families and want a little help occasionally.


While reflecting upon the prior generations and how they took care of one another, I found the realization our ancestors, along with living closer together, had businesses that belongs to them, while most of us today have careers that take us to an office, factory, hospital or school building. Our grandparents were active participants in the free enterprise system owning farms, stores, ranches, as well as other kind of business. The main reason so many of us are experiencing trouble, is the fact that we do not own our very own businesses. Not many jobs offer flexibility of your time and put allowing involvement in multigenerational obligations and privileges.

That's the reason I started looking for a career that would permit me to work as much as my Type A personality requires and doing this round the needs of the multigenerational family.

What provided that chance to me?

It was the internet and having an online business. Having an internet business gives flexibility of both time and space to become active in the lives of the 92-year-old or a 6-year-old and every age in-between.

Building your personal business advertising online will permit you to be in which you have to be when you need to become there along with having the ability to support yourself while doing this. Whatever product you're selling, working on-line opens many avenues of flexibility to you.