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You may also secure this kind of usage of your website and its pages by instituting htaccess passwords. It is an effective way to secure your site against malicious people. You are able to share this access with others by enabling multiple users with their very own passwords. Another good thing about htaccess is which allows one to manage your error messages. Often site visitors can be frustrated when they do not look for a page up and running. The normal error messages often appear harsh, however you can change them to be humorous and gentler to encourage visitors to try back later on.

It is a good way for multiple customers sharing a server to produce changes with their specific web sites with no to access the server it self and possibly affect the performance of other websites. This is a big plus for hosting providers who don't need certainly to take care of demands for improvements to machine setup shoots while the corrections can just as easily performed using htaccess. Since the site owner or net programmer you have greater freedom in handling your site and reducing use of certain areas. E.g. [http://www.htaccesshowto.com/ htaccess guide].

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