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It is possible to locate employment in Greece via numerous channels: through OAED work locations, private acquaintances, newspaper classified advertisements, and employment internet sites or via private employment agencies (which must certanly be licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection ).

Applications sent for a position which has not been promoted aren't uncommon in Greece. Deal sites found in local libraries include company mailing addresses. Chambers of commerce can also be a good supply of details about prospective employers. The chance of getting recognition of competences and one’s qualifications can play an essential part in your choice to take-up work in another EU country. It is therefore essential to create a European system which will guarantee the good acceptance of qualified competences in different Member States.

To register for job-search advice about the OAED, sign up at the nearest OAED heart. They are specially trained to help unemployed folks complement job-seekers to available jobs, and find work in EU countries. Additionally, it's possible for job seekers to post their credentials around the EURES site for potential employers to see.

Mid-level and clerical jobs tend to be advertised in newspapers, with ads for a lot of upper-level jobs published in Greek and English. The Athens News can be an English-language paper and includes a classifieds portion for job openings. Job agencies in Greece must certanly be approved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. Two of the biggest recruiting agencies are Adecco. and Manpower See more at: original site.

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