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Just about the most important factors that you need decide when you are

short listing your tablets is the OS or the operating system of your tablet. There are amount

of operating systems available today nevertheless the most impressive and also the most preferred OS is Android.

Android OS is used in tablets of almost

all major tablet brands that are offered in the market. if you fail to fully

understand the implications of purchasing the a tablet because of the wrong OS, it is recommended

which you buy a tablet with Android OS You can study more details on mobile

drugs in the site www.androidtabletcheapstore.com

Here Would Be The Main Advantages of Choosing A Tablet

with Android OS:
Availability of Free Apps: the most important advantage that

users of Android have could be the number of the free apps that are

available for Android mobiles and tablets. Android is an open source platform and as a consequence you can find millions of free and paid apps available for it as well as the number is increasing continously. New apps are launched by freelancers and software companies every day
Portability is one factor why Android devices are prefered by consumers. The

devices are slim, sleek and light weight and thus can easily fit into most back-packs and

also the document porches.
Aside from the style, these tablets bring total entertainment for your life. for individuals who to watch movies and videos online,

the 7 inch tablet is the ideal device since it has great video capabilities. Tablets which are larger that 7 inces might not

be easy to carry around
• you will find huge number of varieties of Android tablets available and that is one great

advantage of Android tablets. There are a lot of tablet computers making use of the OS and that is because Android was made to be versatile and adaptable to any types of platform. This means that whatever is your preference when it comes to a device you could probably get it from Android.
• Another great benefit of Android tablets is that they have low system requirements. Android OS can be installed on devices with low ratings and yet it's going to

function smoothly. this can be a rare feature of Android OS
• Android is an operating system with an open architecture. This means that anyone including

the users themselves can create apps for Android and would all work without any problems at all. you will find scores of apps available for Android because everybody is allowed to create apps for it
• Android is a constantly evolving OS and it's upgraded and changed in order that its performance gets better as time passes

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