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beats by dr dre review dr dre beats - Dr Dre, the world's most rhythmic GP, is treating the nation's lugholes together with his particular model of bass-heavy headphone medicine. Built and produced by Monster, the distinctive Beats by dre headphones bear the name of the hip-hop legend plus some audacious, iconic styling. Here's our definitive help guide to the maximum Monster Beats products. The Beats by dr dre line-up encompasses both on-ear and in-ear headphones, as well as speakers. The on-ear range is the most recognisable however, with the Beats Solos adorning the ears of each trendy young gadabout from here to Shoreditch.

www.beats-by-dr-dre.org - The Beats lines are known for a bassy delivery which makes these 'phones well suited for playing pop, hip-hop or rock. In our go through the cheaper on-ear cans can sound a little muddy, with all the bass occasionally ballooning out of control and obscuring the rest of the mix, but overall these are good-sounding, durable headphones.The Solos impress making use of their build quality and folding earcups, in addition to a thick, replaceable cable that's unlikely to wear out quickly. There's a cable remote having a built-in mic for iPhone users too. If you've got more money to spend you might select the Studio or Pro models. These are very pricey, nevertheless the Pros really are a tonne of fun, even if they are not probably the most... balanced headphones we've ever listened to.

www.beats-by-dr-dre.org - Strap these beasts onto your noggin and you will probably quickly feel your teeth rattling free from their fleshy moorings as the aggressive, noisy bass pounds your senses. You need to sell vital organs to pay for the high-end on-ear Beats, but our music has never sounded so explosive. Around the in-ear aspect, were stunned at the quality of sound provided by the dre iBeats, this use a cool iPhone remote built into the cable. At under £100, we reckon these buds would make a fantastic upgrade from your horrible headphones that can come bundled with iPods and iPhones.