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Does a Dirty Furnace Filter Impact Equipment Performance

Unfortunately probably the most often neglected maintenance tasks for residential hvac systems is evolving the furnace filter. A furnace filter is an extremely important component of any air conditioner or furnace.

Lots of people use the cheap disposable fibreglass furnace filters thinking they're receiving targeted value for his or her money. The truth is that these filters are alongside useless because they do not remove enough dust in the air to create a difference.

There's greater value in making use of one of the more efficient varieties of furnace filter available there are lots of to choose from, starting with probably the most commonly used pleated furnace filter to some of the less popular specialty filters commonly used in many homes.

Why is the furnace filter essential? There are many very important stuff that happen when individuals don't change their furnace filter or ac filter. You often hear that does not changing your ac filter or furnace filter will cause problems.

What really happens?

Ac Filter

   Reduced refrigerant operating pressures inside the ac which can cause the evaporator coil to ice up.
   Reduced cooling capacity which results in longer run times and better energy costs.
   Poor air flow throughout your house leading to some spaces not being cooled properly

electrostatic furnace filters

Furnace Filter

   Reduced ventilation over the heat exchanger leading to higher heat exchanger operating temperatures. This can result in cracked heat exchangers causing Co to leak in to the space being heated.
   Increased run times due to lower air flow. This leads to higher fuel costs because it takes longer to heat the area. In electric forced air furnaces the result is exactly the same except your power bill will be higher.

A typical belief would be that the blower fan also offers to operate harder once the furnace filter is dirty but this claim is just produced by individuals who don't really comprehend the operating characteristics of a centrifugal fan.

How often should you improve your furnace filter? To ensure that your furnace or ac is constantly on the operate at maximum efficiency it is crucial to replace or clean your air filter at least every 3 months for one and two inch filters. Four inch filters is often left in the system longer with respect to the filter efficiency and many additional factors.

Which replacement furnace filter is the best? Choosing the right furnace filter is not a simple thing to do because there are a lot of variables to think about. You will find filters to meet just about any need. Allergy sufferers may require a very efficient filter, while an individual who doesn't have allergies only requires a moderately efficient filter. Maybe you don't have allergies but you hate dusting and that is what takes you for making your decision.

To make things difficult, you can even find duct mounted air purifiers which you can use in conjunction with a your furnace filter. These assistance to purify the air even further.