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The Latest Google Update

Over the past few days I have spent much time analysing and scraping a number of backlink profiles from a number of my websites in order to understand the effect of the recent deindexing of blog networks.

In my case, 46% of links previously held prior to the update have been dropped. This of course will vary depending upon your link profile and how much emphasis you have placed on the blog networks.

I am just now (over the past 2-4 days) starting to see the effect of the loss of these links with a number of sites dropping anywhere from 5 to 10 positions in the serps.

This whole episode has got me obviously rethinking my linking strategies for both myself and that of my clients.

One issue which is really striking here is the trouble; resource and effort G have gone to in order to identify the blog networks. You must ask yourself are G in the habit of dedicating resources to an area which produces little impact? of course not….therefore it helpfully illustrates to us just how important links are in the overall ranking equation which gives me some hope that links are still and will continue to be the backbone of rankings.

What is also does of course is raises the question about your overall strategy.

Do you want to be in this game for the long or short term? Are your sites one hit wonders with a life span of just a few months?

I am now looking to revaluate how I build links and for the most part, my entire portfolio of online real estate is dedicated to my business – not the short term but long term profitability. I was a fool to play around with that in first place by making use of these blog networks, I should have (hindsight is great isn’t it) taken more time to create links which are not going to be wiped out thereby rendering my efforts fruitless into the longer term. Along with the need to ensure links stay put for the longer term is also the belief that social signals are going to be a real deal breaker as time progresses. Therefore with every site should be a robust and comprehensive social presence. http://adsense-tricks.us/black-hat-seo/latest-google-update/ So, aside from the social aspect, I am looking at building T1 linking assets upon real authority sites which are not going to subject to each and every Google update. I want my work to be rewarded without the constant fear of wasting my time starting from today!

For those whom are interested, my T1 sites are looking like;

1. Senukex and all that entails 2. Wiki pages which bring something useful to the table 3. Guest Posts (going to be big business into the future…) 4. Press releases 5. Videos (lots of them on a range of high quality hosts) 6. Unique and high quality articles (e-zine, hubpages, squiddo etc, etc) 7. Directory submissions (high page PR low OBL ones – you can find them still!) 8. Manual blog comments (writing almost an article and using that as a comment on an authority site) 9. Social – the usual suspects FB, twitter etc 10. Yahoo answers, 49 things, those types of commenting sites that are well respected.

Tier 2;

1. Forum profiles 2. Blog comments 3. Social bookmarking 4. Wiki profiles 5. Guest books 6. Picture sites 7. Blog comments (not manual) 8. Article distribution (automated)

I am hearing many ‘the end of days’ speeches at the moment but in all honesty I think this is simply a wakeup call to us all that a) high quality T1 links are still the way to ‘promote’ our websites for the long term and b) a better foundation must be created for our websites in order to ride out these changes.

If you’re wondering, does this sound a contradiction i.e. the automated T2 stuff, – the T1 links is where all my efforts will be spent, the T2 stuff is simply a bonus in my eyes which I am happy will not adversely effect my rankings going forward if it falls of the wagon at some point. http://adsense-tricks.us/black-hat-seo/latest-google-update/